Is the new school a Homeschool program? No.

Home-based Instruction and enrollment in an ALE are different educational models. Homebased instruction includes the following:

  • Instruction is developed and supervised by the parent or guardian as authorized under RCW 28A.200 and 28A.225.010. –
  • The parent has filed an annual Declaration of Intent with the district. –
  • Students are neither enrolled nor eligible for graduation through a public high school unless they meet all district and state graduation requirements. –
  • Students are not subject to the rules and regulations governing public school, including course, graduation, and assessment requirements.
  • The public school is under no obligation to provide instruction or instructional materials, or to supervise the student’s education.

Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) includes the following: -

  • Is a public education enrollment option authorized under WAC 392-550.
  • Subject to all state and federal rules and regulations governing public education.
  • Curriculum and instructional materials meet district standards and are free from sectarian control or influence.
  • Learning experiences are:
    • Supervised, monitored, assessed, and evaluated by a certificated teacher.
    • May be planned in collaboration with the student, parent, and teacher.
    • Provided via a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP).
    • Provided in whole, or part, outside the regular classroom.

Is this a school for off-track or “bad” students?

We do not view students as having deficits or in a negative light. We are an include environment that serves all students. There are many reasons a student might need a different environment from their neighborhood school. We focus on students as individuals and build their resiliency and capacity as learners in alignment to their personal goals.

Can my student attend Full-Day?

For students in PK-12 Online learning and ALE learning is available 24/7. In-person services are not offered for a full on-site school schedule. Families looking for full day schedules will find that service in our comprehensive schools.

Transition participants have full day schedules to accommodate access to the community and to meet goals for life after High School.

I live out of district can I waiver in?

We are closed to out of district waivers, but we are happy to suggest programming that might fit your students needs based on your address.

Where will my student graduate from?

Your student will graduate from Gravelly Lake K-12 Academy with a diploma. Formal ceremonies are held in the long-standing traditions of Clover Park School District twice a year. Your student will walk with Gravelly Lake K-12 Academy.

Does my student earn a high school diploma?

Yes. When they meet the credit and non-credit requirements for the diploma.